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strawberry fields-desktop.jpg


Strawberries have a very special symbolism. They represent the "sweetness of life." That can mean many things to each individual person. I want to share what it means to me if that's ok? When I was pregnant with my son, my biggest craving was anything strawberry. Now that he has been with us for 3 years, his favorite fruit has always been strawberries! How cool is that. The sweetness of life in a strawberry represents my son for me. Whether these strawberries are for your home, your child's bedroom, your office, your kitchen, your friend, etc. I hope they carry this perfect meaning to whatever space they live. 

Designing this collection, I wanted it to be easy for you to choose different pieces out of it to pair together beautifully to compliment your space. Whether it's one styled on its own, or several pieces together to create a statement, this is your collection to play with as you choose. 

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