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Below you will find the links to the two collections I have released since becoming an artist. The first one is Animal Plants which was my debut collection. The second is a series stemming from the Animal Plants collection called Bird Plants



Animal Plants

Each animal in this collection has a plant that is named after it. My idea was to capture the interconnectedness of these animals with their coinciding plant. 


Bird Plants

Just as was my goal with the original Animal Plants collection, my idea with Bird Plants was to connect each bird to their coinciding plant named after them. 3 of the 8 birds have been released early from this series and can be found through the linked photo. 

blue jay for giveaway.JPG


Surface Pattern Collections

These collections have been created for you to mix and match pieces to find the perfect combinations for your space. My hope is that it makes styling a blank wall that much easier than you were expecting!

bee pattern-web.jpg
Photo Jun 29, 2 32 14 PM.jpg
butterfly and olive pattern.jpg
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