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The butterfly I chose to paint for the Olive Butterflies collection is called a Turquoise Firecracker butterfly. I chose it because I have a real one framed in our entryway that I also gave a matching one to my mom last year for Mother's Day. It is such a special butterfly to the both of us and I wanted to honor it here through this collection. Also, look how cool this butterfly is! The red back is amazing. (Can you tell I geek out over butterflies?)


These butterflies are dancing amongst olive branches. I paired the two because not only do they look stunning together, but the symbolism of butterflies and olive branches work magically together as well. Butterflies symbolize transformation & hope while olive branches symbolize peace. I hope these pieces of art bring that transformation, hope, & peace to whatever space they live in.

Designing this collection, I wanted it to be easy for you to choose different pieces out of it to pair together beautifully to compliment your space. Whether it's one styled on its own, several pieces together to create a statement, or maybe an addition to an existing gallery wall, this is your collection to play with as you choose. 

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