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This collection "grew" from my love for all things nature. I'm a bit of a flower nerd, in fact, I got certified to be a floral designer in California a few years ago. When I was in school, learning the various names of flowers and plants, I realized there are quite a few that are named after animals. I found myself reverting back to to this observation when developing the plan for this collection.

As with the original Animal Plants, there are quite a few plants named after birds as well. I wanted to capture their unity with a simple gold string interconnecting the bird with it's coinciding plant. 

Here's what I hope you get out of these pieces. I hope that it evokes a sense of unity, balance, and harmony. Animals are one with the plants, plants are one with the Earth, and Mother Earth is our sacred source of life. We are all part of creation which means we are all in need of some healing. I hope these Bird Plants bring some light into your part of this Earth and become a symbol that we are all in this together.

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