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Printed on 100% acid free cotton rag paper with archival inks. The finish on the paper is textured and the color is a true white. Each piece in this edition is hand signed & numbered and gold leafed in the studio. 


This Warbler is perched upon the plant it's named after, a Magnolia branch. They are connected by a delicate gold string in the Magnolia Warbler's beak symbolizing the interconnectedness we all have with nature and our surroundings.


The common symbolism for Magnolia Warblers are:

perseverence & carefree nature


Only 100 of each piece and size will be created. Each print will also include a certificate of authenticity. Once the edition is complete, it will be permanently retired. 


** all mat options are white. 

** frame not included, but I'd be glad to tell you where I found it!

Magnolia Warbler

PriceFrom $45.00
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